Companys put a lot of time and effort in creating compelling websites. Tons of resources are spend to ensure sites add to sales. But is all this money well spend? Thats what analytics software should clarify. Tools like Google Analytics, AWstats,… give a wide overview of visitors, time on site, conversions and other usefull information. But what if this is not enough? What if you want to target your visitors in a more personal way. What follows are some of the options that I found and that could help you change your content on a page per page level.

This tool allows you to check the visitors ip adres and make an estimated guess as to where he/she is from. Maxmind offers a free and a licensed version for GeoIP Country and GeoIP City.
I tried out the free version and it gave me:

  • country code
  • city
  • Postal code
  • latitude – longitude

Device has a big list of hardware it can detect. Even Kindle 2 is included.


With php you have a few tools to analyse your visitors. Just like GeoIP, you cannot be 100% sure. Some of the data that gets send to the server can be manipulated. Here are some of the things that I use.

$_SERVER referer. What is the page that the visitor was on before he came to the current.
get_browser A php function that uses an ini file to detect browserinfo.

CSS, HTML and Javascript

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