Tony Sandoval's Last weekend I bought “Le cadavre et le sofa”. “A small book by Mexican illustrator Tony Sandoval.

Background info

The book started out as a collection of drawings for a film script. Pierre Paquet had asked Tony to do a personal comic for the Discover comic serie. At that time Tony had been working on a little film project. He had made some drawings as a storyboard. The story was still far from finished, but the editors encouraged him him to send it in as a rough for the comic book.

Sandoval wanted to make it look like a kids book, but with an adult story. He got inspired┬á by Peter Jackson’s : The Feebles (puppets telling a story of drugs and violence) and Patrick S├╝skind’s “The Story of Mr. Sommer”.
P. Paquet liked it and the result was “Le cadavre et le sofa”.

The story

Chrisitian, a local boy has gone missing. As a result, none of the kids dare to come out and play. Except for Polo. He enjoys exploring the local countryside. On one of his solo trips, he encounters Sophie. Together they get plunged into the mystery surrounding Christian’s death.

When they find the boy’s body, they decide to check his decomposition at regular intervals. Together the spend the summer in a sofa that they pulled to the scene of the crime. Slowly the tragic story around Crhristian unfolds.

Tony Sandoval uses a rather childish drawing style combined with watercolour. Which results in a rather sharp contrast with the storyline.

Enjoy reading

More info @ : DeviantArtTony Sandoval’s Blog

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