I’ve been looking for a way to enforce naming conventions for a while. Last night I finally got to testing how this could be done with CSSLint. It turns out this is pretty easy if you know Javascript. First you have to download the zip file from Github. In it you’ll find a src folder.… Read More

CSS bloat happens to all of us. Sometimes it’s our own fault, sometimes it legacy code. Whatever the reason, bloat is a diseas that needs cureing. At the moment, I’m trying to clean up a some large css files and an easy cure is not in sight. As I’m planning on doing this thorough, I’ve… Read More

When using $$ in Prototype, the result is an array. You need to loop through the array to attach the observe function. Expl. $$(‘.myitems‘).each(function(item) { item.observe(‘click’,function(){alert (‘clicked’)});}); or $$(‘.myitems’).invoke(‘observe’, ‘click’, function() {alert(‘clicked’)});… Read More