This article contains info on genies in Perfect world.

How do I get a genie?

  1. via Quest from npc “Watcher of the Earth”.
  2. via “Watcher of the Earth” npc (buy)
  3. trade with players

What type of genies can I get?

Name STR Dex Vit Mag
Zeal Zeal 5 3 5 15
Longevity Longevity 5 15 5 3
Discipline Discipline 3 5 15 5
Infliction Infliction 15 5 3 5

Skill list

Every genie starts with one skill.  You get extra skills as your genie gets more levels.
The results of your skills are influenced by your genies attributes:

  • Strength – STR: damage output of skills
  • Dexterity – DEX: effect of skills and duration
  • Vitality – VIT: MP pool
  • Intellect – INT: MP Recovery and the amount of skills (each 50 INT = +1 MP recovery)

Every time you use the genies skills, an amount of stamina will be spend. You can restore your genie’s stamina with Chi stones. (Chi stones can be made by decomposing player equipment.)

To restore stamina, simply return you genie to your inventory and drag some stones on it. (Beware: genies are expensive)

Yiyuan stone: +40 stamina
Liangyi stone (3 Yiyuan): +80 stamina
Santsai stone (9 Yiyuan): +160 stamina
Ssuhsiang stone (27 Yiyuan): +240 stamina
Wuhsing stone (81 Yiyuan): +320 stamina
Liuho stone (243 Yiyuan): +400 stamina
Chihsing stone (729 Yiyuan): +480 stamina
Pakua stone (2,178 Yiyuan): +560 stamina
Chiukung stone (6,534 Yiyuan): +640 stamina
Perfect stone (19,602 Yiyuan): +720 stamina

Genie skills can have restrictions based on where they can be used. Some will only work in water, others will for expl. only work while in flight. Racial restrictions might apply as well (expl. “Hollow fist” can only be used by Venomancers). Some skills might have other skills as prerequisite.

Lucky points

Lucky points are the points that you use to upgrade your genies attributes (STR,DEX,…). Every level your genie will recieve one lucky point. Every ten levels an extra bonus amount of lucky points (between 1-10) are added. The more bonus lucky points you get the more rare your genie will be.

The higher the random stats determine not only the look of your genie but the combat ability as well as rareness. It can be classified as follow:

Orange – This color indicates this genie gained 10 random stats per every 10 level. (extremely rare)
Gold – This color indicates this genie gained random stats between 61 – 99 points. (rare)
Purple – This color indicates this genie gained random stats between 51- 60 points. (uncommon)
Blue – This color indicates this genie gained random stats between 41- 50 points. (less common)
Green – This color indicates this genie gained random stats between 10 – 40 points. (common)

0-40 Lucky Points 41-50 Lucky Points 51-60 Lucky Points 61+ Lucky Points
Infliction Infliction 0-40 lucky points Infliction 41-50 lucky points Infliction 51-60 lucky points Infliction 61+ lucky points
Zeal Zeal 0-40 lucky points Zeal 41-50 lucky points Zeal 51-60 lucky points Zeal 61+ lucky points
Discipline Discipline 0-40 lucky points Discipline 41-50 lucky points Discipline 51-60 lucky points Discipline 61+ lucky points
Longevity Longevity 0-40 lucky points Longevity 41-50 lucky points Longevity 51-60 lucky points Longevity 61+ lucky points


In addition to increasing their attributes (Str,Dex,…), players can also upgrade a Genie’s elemental affinity.
Genies have five elemental affinitys

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire

The elemental affinity is important for your genies skills. Different affinities will be needed to unlock the skills that you want. A maximum of 26 affinity points can be earned and distributed among affinitys. These points can be reset at the “Elemental Ambassador” in any of the five main cities.

Genies start with 1 Affinity Point, and will gain an additional Affinity Point every 5 levels. When a Genie reaches Level 100, it will gain 1 Affinity Point every level. The number of points required to master an Affinity is 8.

Leveling your genie

There are three ways of leveling your Genie:

  • Using EXP stone.
  • Using Character EXP
  • Using Character SP, 1SP = 5 EXP points.

A genies level cannot be higher than the level of the character using it
There is an exp penalty when your level is much greater than the genies. Much of the exp you give it is lost in transit. The lower the gap between you and the genie, the less exp is lost.
When you use the exp stones, the penalty is based on the level of the exp stone. The closer a genie is to the level of the stone, the less exp is lost. If the genie is higher level than the stone, no exp is lost. The max level is currently 105.

Leveling your genie skills

To level your genie skills, please see the new NPC.

Equiping your genie

Players can buy equipment for their Genies from the NPC “Watcher of the Earth”. Genie Equipment includes Jades, Mirrors, Orbs, and Charms. Unfortunately, the cost of these items are one and three million coins and once equipped, they cannot be unequipped, only replaced.

Trading your genie

Genies can be traded with other players after they have been converted into TRADE READY state. Click the Trade State button in the Genieinterface menu in order to access this feature. It will take 7 days toconvert your Genie into to TRADE READY state. By default, a Genie isset to NO-Trade state. In this state, the Genie cannot be traded, sold,or discarded.

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