gridsetMark Boulton has just released his new tool

“Gridset”. It has taken some months to develop and is now in beta.

Gridset is not a bunch of code you download from Github. It’s a browser-based tool to create grid systems

The tool is fully configurable and allows you to create all sorts of grids. You are not limited to the standard 12 and 16 column grids.

For the past few years, the grid systems we’ve seem on the web have all been evenly spaced columns (usually either 12 or 16), and that thinking is now being applied to the latest crop of responsive grids. There is simply more to grids than 12 or 16 columns and Gridset is designed to allow the creation of many, many types of grid.

While you work on you grids, they can be saved for later refinement, reference or as a starting template for future grids.

Definitely a tool webdesigner/webmaster should check out.

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