Today Noupe posted an overview of the most wanted ajax techniques. A list of over 50 solutions for common javascript problems. Librarys used include JQuery, Prototype and Mootools. It’s a good checklist if you need something special, done quick. I especially like wTag and Starbox. Thanx Noupe.… Read More

With the new Igoogle it’s no longer possible to move gadgets from one tab to another.
For the time being you can move your gadgets with the old layout at:
It’s very likely that this url won’t be available for long. It only exists because not all countries have switched to the new layout. Enjoy while you can ^_^… Read More

While cleaning out some old code folders, I ran accros an old project of mine. A PHP heatmap sollution. This got me thinking about it again. Now that the buzz about headmaps is gone, what sollutions are there? Here are some links to get you started:… Read More

Go visit Deensoft for the new Protoflow. A coverflow effect (Apple) made with Prototype and Scriptaculous. A quick plug-and-play solution for gallery’s. Some of it’s capability’s are: Generic stack: Elements that are being displayed do not have to be images. They can be any HTML element. So if you have a UL with bunch of… Read More