Out of the box, Skype doesn’t have a bulk import feature. I only found one extra and it costs 15$. Here’s a tip how to do it for free. Open Skype and go to ‘Contacts’ Go to Advanced Backup contacts to file Open the backup with Notepad or another text editor The file is full… Read More

Sometimes you find great sites that you wish you’d bookmarked but didn’t. Think I first noticed Frank Buchwald on Slashdot. Took me more than a year to find his url back (forgot his name ) http://www.frankbuchwald.de If you like his work, also visit http://klockwerks.com/ , Art Donovan, Eric Freitas… Read More

Great post at Blue Hat SEO, detailing how you can dynamiclly tweak your pages. You can even take this some steps further and add keywords based on gender with the css gendercheck. Steal your competitors hard work by checking the referers. If someone ranks higher than you in Google, scrape the keywords and add them… Read More

Juxtapoz is giving away four free posters. The lucky owners will be selected from people who sign up for the newsletter “this” weekend. More info… Read More