Over the past few days I’ve gathered some info on OOP and testing. Below are some video’s and slides about best practice in JAVA and PHP… Read More

PHP’s Pdo doesnt have a default columnname function. After searching Google I found that many people seem to be looking for this function. You can get the columnnames with an easy query to the schema: $querystring = “SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.Columns where TABLE_NAME = $table”; Related Blogs Related Blogs on… Read More

Over the past few months I’ve been using a couple of new tools. Since they are free and might be helpfull to website designers and managers I decided to share my find:… Read More

Below is a sollution for flipping an image on the <canvas> tag without having to read it pixel by pixel: var mycanvas = document.getElementById(‘canvas’); ctx = mycanvas.getContext(’2d’), img = new Image(); img.onload = function(){ mycanvas.width = img.width; mycanvas.height = img.height; ctx.drawImage(img, 0, 0, img.width, img.height); } img.src = ‘http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2043/2653938087_bed6c6307d_m.jpg’; mycanvas.onclick = function() { ctx.scale(-1,1); //… Read More

I just noticed that Windows 7 does not ship with Windows Mail or Outlook Express.  Users of Windows 7 can download a mail client on the Windows live site. This seems to be the only mailclient for users on the 64bit version.  Mozilla Thunderbird 3 64 bit is still in beta at the moment.… Read More