While running some difficult querys in MySQLWorkbench I ran into this the error: “Lost connection to MySQL server during query” After searching google for a while I found a fix. MySQLWorkbench has a fixed max running time for querys that you can alter in the preferences: Go to Preferences > SQL Editor and increase the… Read More

siteResearch is a project that I’ve been working on for a long time. It’s main goals is to give you insight into the setup of your site. It tries to give answers and explanations about: the inner linking of your site, SEO and how valid your html, css and javascript really is. Requirements The tools… Read More

PHP’s Pdo doesnt have a default columnname function. After searching Google I found that many people seem to be looking for this function. You can get the columnnames with an easy query to the schema: $querystring = “SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.Columns where TABLE_NAME = $table”; Related Blogs Related Blogs on… Read More