Today I was wondering how to use range in javascript without a dependency on lodash. With ECMAScript 6 you can do this rather easy. Below 2 examples: Supported in Chrome 46, FF 16, Edge and Safari 7.1 MDN page on spreads… Read More

Selecting elements Inserting elements Inserting elements before another element Deleting elements and text Working with classes Looping over DOM nodes Selections Selecting elements See the Pen pvvRrB by yves peeters (@drBenway) on CodePen. Inserting elements See the Pen vEOxYp by yves peeters (@drBenway) on CodePen. Inserting before another element See the Pen RNWoKO by yves… Read More

Today I had issues downloading bower components over Https. To download components bower is using your git settings to access github. If you run into ssl verification errors, you can turn off ssl verification by updating your global git settings. 1 git config –global https.sslVerify false… Read More

Javascript is a flexible language. It allows you to do things in multiple ways. One of these, is branching with switch or object literals. Many people have already debated as to what is the best way to write this. I personaly find the object literal cleaner.… Read More

I’ve been looking for a way to enforce naming conventions for a while. Last night I finally got to testing how this could be done with CSSLint. It turns out this is pretty easy if you know Javascript. First you have to download the zip file from Github. In it you’ll find a src folder.… Read More