Juxtapoz posted an interview with Nouar this week about the upcoming exhibition. Her twisted imagery looks booth childish and commercial. Maybe that’s because she used to work for Nickelodeon.^_^ Check out her gallery for more of this nice imagery.… Read More

Tony Sandoval is an illustrator from Mexico. His “Le cadavre er le sofa” is a must have.… Read More

Typeditions has a nice new set of Deryk’s artwork. Some of you might remember his paintings from albums by Michael Gira’s band “The Swans”. Beside reproductions of his paintings, Typedions also has a limited portfolio for sale called “Debosch Portfolio“. Five years in the making. One hundred amazing and intricate drawings. This limited edition portfolio… Read More

Got another e-mail from Porterhouse today: In celebration of Earth Day, 2007, Porterhouse Fine Art Editions will be offering a new limited edition lithographic poster on Wednesday, April 25th, 2007. 100% of the proceeds of this edition will be given to the Sierra Club for the protection of the Sequoias in the Giant Sequoia National… Read More