cach bitmaps when possible use correct object types: int and unit instead of Number if possible set mouseEnabled and mouseChildren to fals for items that don’t use mouseevents keep only the objects that you use and when you use them. Assign null when nolonger needed Bitwise math… Read More

Iamcam posted a good hack on his blog. It makes your unchecked checkboxes show up in the $_POST on the server. It’s very simple and doesn’t need javascript. 12<input type="hidden" name="box1" value="0" /> <input type="checkbox" name="box1" value="1" /> If the checkbox is not checked then the value of the hidden input is submited, else the… Read More

The following is a simple dos trick to create a playlist of all your mp3’s. go to the start menu click run enter cmd¬† => this opens a black dos window type dir /b/s *.mp3 > c:\mp3list.m3u When this command finishes, a file will be created under c: with a list of all your mp3… Read More

Some tools to help play Travian Graandorpen zoeken mensen die niet actief zijn Speler analiseren travian FAQ: wiki travian(Eng): travian wiki v3 (Eng): Travian guide: DutchTravianTools: help: gebouwen stamboom: troepen vergelijker: travian troepen tabel:… Read More

I’ve been working on a tool to scrape urls. The idea is to have a tool that checks my sites for invalid code, urls and images. Below some tools and ideas that I might consider using Wget can be used to spider a website (list url’s, not download) with the following command: wget -r –spider… Read More