CSS bloat happens to all of us. Sometimes it’s our own fault, sometimes it legacy code. Whatever the reason, bloat is a diseas that needs cureing. At the moment, I’m trying to clean up a some large css files and an easy cure is not in sight. As I’m planning on doing this thorough, I’ve… Read More

As a web master, I often send out mass mailings. After the mailing is done, the bounced emails are returned to my Outlook. I go through them manually. The real bouncers are put in a “Bounced” folder and,  Out of office messages in the “Trash”. The rest of the emails are addresses I need to… Read More

Some info,snippets on PHP5 autoload function: 1234567function __autoload($className) { include_once __autoloadFilename($className); } function __autoloadFilename($className) { return str_replace(‘_’,’/’,$className).".php"; } $class = new myclass(); When a Class is not found, php will pass the classname to the __autoload function. You can name your class like Folder1_Folder1a_Myclass and this function will look for it in Folder1/Folder1a/Myclass.php You can… Read More

Beware when posting data from a multiple select through ajax. You can’t send an array with a Prototype ajax call. expl. function postmydata(){ new Ajax.Request(‘data.php’, { method:’post’, parameters: {selectdata: $F(‘myselect’)}, onSuccess: function(transport){ var response = transport.responseText || alert(“couldn’t add data”); $(‘mydiv’).update(response); }, onFailure: function(){ $(‘mydiv’).update(‘error’); } }); } This won’t work. Your php page will… Read More

Google finally released an api for Analytics this month. The example code includes code for java and javascript but no PHP. Fortunatly The electric toolbox hosts some example data of how it can be used with Curl.… Read More