Today I was wondering how to use range in javascript without a dependency on lodash. With ECMAScript 6 you can do this rather easy. Below 2 examples: Supported in Chrome 46, FF 16, Edge and Safari 7.1 MDN page on spreads… Read More

PHP’s Pdo doesnt have a default columnname function. After searching Google I found that many people seem to be looking for this function. You can get the columnnames with an easy query to the schema: $querystring = “SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.Columns where TABLE_NAME = $table”; Related Blogs Related Blogs on… Read More

Great post at Blue Hat SEO, detailing how you can dynamiclly tweak your pages. You can even take this some steps further and add keywords based on gender with the css gendercheck. Steal your competitors hard work by checking the referers. If someone ranks higher than you in Google, scrape the keywords and add them… Read More