Kevin Nilson has a great presentation on testing. After watching it, I was tempted to install my own Testswarm (jQuery project). It took me a while to get it up and running but I advise you to try it out for yourself. More info at Testswarm, intall readme. If you have trouble with the install,… Read More

Cropping an image function cropImage() { var canvas=document.getElementById(“myCanvas”); var c=canvas.getContext(“2d”); var imageObj = new Image(); imageObj.onload = function() { // draw reference image c.drawImage(imageObj,50,30, 438, 300); // draw cropped image var sourceX = 150; var sourceY = 0; var sourceWidth = 150; var sourceHeight = 150; var destX = 370; var destY = 220; var… Read More

A few years ago, my videorecorder ate this Related Blogs Related Blogs on… Read More