Small bookmarklet to unhide content on Create a new bookmark in your browser and add the code below to the url field. Every time you end up on a + article, just click the bookmark and it will unhide the text.   javascript:(function()%7Bdocument.getElementById(‘porous-paywall-content’).classList.remove(%22is-hidden%22)%7D)()… Read More

I ran into this issue when I setup my cluster with the cloud cli and then later went on installing the cloud sdk tool and kubernetes on my local. First find in the kubernets section the environment you are in. Mine was europe-west. Then go to your terminal (local) and set the environment to the… Read More

Below a small step-by-step guide on how to setup Jenkins with Github webhooks. This has been tested on a Jenkins 2. Login into Github and go to your account settings (top right fly out menu/ settings) Next select Developer settings from the left hand menu (at the bottom) Then Pick Personal access tokens from the… Read More

Today I was wondering how to use range in javascript without a dependency on lodash. With ECMAScript 6 you can do this rather easy. Below 2 examples: Supported in Chrome 46, FF 16, Edge and Safari 7.1 MDN page on spreads… Read More

Selecting elements Inserting elements Inserting elements before another element Deleting elements and text Working with classes Looping over DOM nodes Selections Selecting elements See the Pen pvvRrB by yves peeters (@drBenway) on CodePen. Inserting elements See the Pen vEOxYp by yves peeters (@drBenway) on CodePen. Inserting before another element See the Pen RNWoKO by yves… Read More